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NHK日本語発音アクセント辞典 新版

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[Description of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japanese Language Pronunciation and Accent Dictionary, New Edition]Since the first edition of 1943, the book version of the dictionary has been favored by many people throughout the years.The accent chosen in this dictionary is based on the accent currently and widely used in broadcasting and is a reference to the accent that seems to have been supported by many viewers.Through the use of this application that complies with the book version of the dictionary, you can verify the pronunciation and accent of all 72,900 Japanese words including foreign place names vocalized by NHK announcers.This application is highly recommended for everyone who is interested in Japanese words.
*Only Japanese is supported.
THE LOCATION OF DICTIONARY DATA CAN BE SELECTEDUnlike the previous app with only functionality to download the dictionary data, this app acquired ability to look up words in dictionaries on its own.
You can choose the location type of dictionary data as either online or local.
Online dictionaries:Online-dictionary searches use the dictionary data stored on the internet servers, saving the trouble of downloading the dictionary data.
Locally downloaded dictionaries:Local-dictionary searches use the dictionary data downloaded to the device and you can look up words where the communication condition is not good.
[The dictionary data and required free space]- The dictionary data size is approximately 475 MB.- Some 950 MB of free space is required to download the dictionary data. Please make sure beforehand your microSD card or internal storage has enough free space.- A Wi-Fi connection is recommended when downloading the dictionary data.
FEATURESLooking up words using search queries:Searches can be narrowed down to meet your requirements using optional criteria such as "Matching at Beginning", "Matching at End", "Exact Matching".
Available search options:- Matching at Beginning- Matching at End- Partial Matching- Exact Matching- Text Search
Finding out words from the index:Words or phrases can be looked up just by tapping on the screen without any character input.
Finding out names of foreign places using the foreign place-name index:As with the index feature, foreign place names can be looked up just by tapping on the screen without any character input.
Plentiful explanatory notes:The app includes detailed explanatory notes about the notation of pronunciations and accents of words.
Other useful features:Bookmarks, item-displaying, search history, and incremental search are supported.
IF YOU USE MORE THAN ONE DEJIZO DICTIONARYWith Dejizo Dictionary Viewer a free app you can search, as a whole, other Dejizo dictionaries available on Google Play Store. If you want to use more than one dictionary with one app, Dejizo Dictionary Viewer is for you.Install Dejizo Dictionary Viewer and then follow the steps below to download dictionary data.* A Wi-Fi connection is recommended when downloading the data.
1. Start this app, then after a duration of more than two hours restart it. (You can also use the app during these hours.)2. Start Dejizo Dictionary Viewer, then tap on the Manage button.3. Tap on the Download button.4. Tap on the dictionary Download button of this app.* Please download the data of other Dejizo dictionary products with Dejizo Dictionary Viewer by following similar steps.
For information about Dejizo Dictionary Viewer:
WHEN YOU CHANGE MODELSWhen you get a new Android device due to model changes or repairing, you can install this product without further charge and use it.In order to download this product to the new Android device, login to the Google Play store with the same account when you purchased the product and select this product in the My Apps section.